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The eyes are the windows of the soul. Thefirst thing will be noticed is people's eyes when meeting others. Eyescommunication is as important as words.  People are always fond of taking various waysto lengthen and enhance the eyelashes basing on the reason that longer and thickereyelashes can definitely be beautiful. But why do we have eyelashes and what dothe eyelashes do for us?

Eyelashes help to protect your eyes fromdust or dirt. If not, those dust or sand will get into your eyes and harm them.With the long eyelash, particles will be cleaned out effectively.

Eyelashes can keep our eyes from rain, sweator other unknown water. These hair growing around the upper part of one'seyelid with curved shape allow them to direct moisture away from your eyes.

Eyelashes can also prevent you from danger.When meeting dangerous things, such as particles in the air or small insects,your eyelashes will tell your eyelids to shut to protect the eyes.

At last, with longer and thicker eyelashes,your eyes seem far more stunning. That's why more and more people are lookingfor the way to get natural and beautiful eyelashes.lilash serum with non-irritatingingredients can strengthen lashes to prevent breakage so that they can grow longand thick. Just feel free to take a try.

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