Order Lilash Eyelash Grwoth Serum
Myung Jin Kim
Interesting product, easy and quick!I've been testing this product for over a week now, no dramatic improvement yet! but it's working. Every night after washing my face and apply my skin products, I use the serum as indicated in the instructions.The little brush works good and easy to apply. So far is looking good!
Mikaella de Moura Santos
Amazing!This lash growth serum doesn't sting, doesn't leave white flaky residue, strengthens and lengthens eyelashes, and is very elegantly designed.
Priscila Cipriano
I got this for my sister in law she's really thin eyelashes and I thought you would love this she's been using for a week now and she says she loves this item and she can't stop thanking me she's super excited.
Paulina Garcia
First, I love it because it does not leave my eyelids with a burning sensation. Does not give me any redness. Very happy with this. I can't wait to see results!
Deborah Santos
Highly recommended product, from a very nice seller. My order was delivered on time and the quality overall looks very good. I hope it continues to work as good as it has so far.
leslie-Ann Jody Francis
I have only had this product for a few weeks, but can already see a difference in my lashes. Significantly less costly than other products and just as effective. Applies easily, not drippy, no irritation!
Kristy Stewart
I started to see a difference at about 15 days of using. I took before pictures and seen the results from there. They became longer. That is good for me, now I do this have to use the mascara all the time.
Christine Johnston
This is a very simple to use product. It goes on easily, not greasy or oily, there is no irritation or stinging and it dries quickly. It softens and strengthens your lashes, resultiong in longer and thicker lashes.
harwinder kaur
After 2 weeks of use, I noticed my lashes look longer and darker. This product does burn if you get it in your eye however so be careful when applying.
Tina M Hickman
Super fast shipping. Easy to use and very good. Have used this the last few weeks and can already tell a difference in my eyelashes! They are alot fuller than normal for myself. Great product!!!
Elizabeth King
The item came very fast and prompt, I have used many other eyelash serums, and this one is just as great cheaper the price. I would defiantly purchase again.This serum is great, easy to apply, non-irritating, and I wake up with fuller lashes.
Niclas Mann
I love this eyelash serum. I have been using it for the past few days and noticed a significant difference in my eyelashes. My lashes are growing in stronger and I've noticed a bit more length. It really works for me, and I am planning to order one more for my sister who has thin Asian eyelashes.